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Mission Statement

Our Mission

The Clarence Mustangs Youth Hockey Organization looks to provide opportunity to Clarence youth and youth in the surrounding communities to participate and become skilled in the sport of ice hockey.


The objective is to develop players from the Novice introductory level through the Midget advanced level in order to build competitive teams.  A key to success involves creating an environment where players develop together allowing them to remain as a team year after year as they progress through each level.


The foundation for implementing the mission will be centered on attracting quality coaches at each level.  The Clarence Mustang coach will control all facets of the team and skill development of players.  This includes the conduct of players, management and parent relations.

The organization will provide the resources and the support to the coach in carrying out the mission.  The organization seeks to maintain consistency in coaching methods that emphasize skating, fundamental skills, and team play.


The organization seeks players that have the willingness and commitment to improve their level of play.  Tryouts will be conducted each year and will be controlled by the coach.  Players will be selected solely on their ability, skill level, attitude, and team compatibility.

Players are expected to make each practice and game.  Off-season camps and clinics will be strongly encouraged.  Undisciplined behavior both on and off the ice will not be tolerated.  Maintaining acceptable school grades will be reinforced as well as the player code of conduct.


The organization seeks families that are committed to remaining with one organization and having the player progress properly through the levels.  Parents are responsible to prepare the players for each team function.  This includes getting players to the rink and dressed on time.

The parents are expected to support the coach, the manager, and the organization by volunteering when needed.  All issues that require parental involvement will be first directed to the coach and/or the manager.  Parents are expected to respect all those associated with youth hockey and to follow the parent code of conduct.


Clarence Mustangs will provide a competitive hockey program at a minimum cost to the family.  An annual budget will be provided and an annual assessment will be charged based on expected costs.  All unused funds will be returned to the family at year end.  An assessment will be charged mid year to cover any expected deficits.

Clarence Mustangs will provide a competitive schedule.  Ice times are scheduled on specific days during the week for each age group.  The objective is to accommodate families that have multiple children as much as possible.  Generally, there will be 3 to 4 tournaments scheduled with most in the WNY area.  Some teams may choose to play a tournament out of town if the coach feels it is appropriate.

The Clarence Mustangs believes that all players should participate in each game.  However, ice time is not equal for all players and will be based on the players skill, attitude, and game circumstances. 

“Winning is not everything but the desire to win, AS A TEAM, is …”